Baghdad Build Expo

Build Expo Baghdad , 29 Apr-2 May 2024

Baghdad Build Expo

is organized with the participation of 210 exhibitors from 12 countries from Iraq, Turkey, Egypt, India, Portugal, Poland, Italy, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Lebanon, and UAE. The 9th Baghdad Build Expo will be held between 29 April- 02 May 2024 at Baghdad International Fairground.


In Iraq, with the increase in oil supply and revenue, the contracting sector has entered a period of rapid growth. The construction work and building materials market is developing day by day. The central infrastructure in Iraq investments, water supply projects, wastewater treatment plants, electricity power plants, hospitals, schools and housing construction, roads, airways, bridges, and port construction areas. Because of the increase in the number of reconstruction, repair, and construction projects and the required investment amount in this area is around 100 billion USD.

Iraq Construction Market Report Overview

The Iraq construction market size was $11.4 billion in 2022. The market is projected to achieve an Average annual growth rate of more than 4% during 2024-2027. The growth of the construction industry in Iraq will be supported by ongoing work on various stalled infrastructure projects, coupled with the positive impact of high oil prices. The expansion will also be driven by the start of the government’s new transportation, energy, and oil and gas development project.